Yet another first! First Programme Meeting

All the post to date seems to be all about our first(s)! First blog, first project meeting and now, the first programme meeting!

Cath and I attended the JISC programme meeting at Birmingham last week (6 Oct).  The venue was easy enough to find and the journey was straightforward.

The day started with an introduction to the programme and there are 20 projects all together in the programme, with 8 projects in strand A, 8 project in strand B and 4 projects in strand C. You can see the presentation about the programme here. JISC also mentioned the support we will be having and there is already a wiki workspace set up for each project!

After a quick introduction to the programme, each project is to deliver a 2 minutes elevator pitch about the project. Cath and myself decided that we would just give a brief talk as our pitch and thought that’s what everyone else would do. How wrong were we! Many of the project teams were very creative with their pitches! We had a weather report from theFASTECH project, a poem from the TRAFFIC project, various story telling and even the A-team (I mean iteam) theme tune for the iTEAM project! We must up our game next time and get some much needed creative power from our students in the Cardiff School of Creative & Cultural Industries!

After the brilliant pitches from all the project, we were given an hour to network with other projects. Each project produced a posters and they were displayed in the rooms at the meeting. We were able to walk around the rooms, look at various project posters and identify any potential connections between projects. It didn’t take us long to find that many of the projects are connected in one way or another and there are some really interesting projects in all the strands. In particular, I think online feedback feature quite heavily in all the strand B projects. JISC project meeting poster Strand B Glamorgan

Once lunch is over, each strands were divided into parallel sessions. We were first put into pairs and discuss what our research questions are, and what are some of our issues. I was paired with Aileen McGuigan from the University of Dundee. We talked about our concerns over quantitative research and how we would go about identifying the changes in workload for our staff. Lisa Gray and Rachel Harris who chaired the session were of great help and they suggested that we look at the CASCADE project for some ideas.

The day ended with those in strand B getting into groups to identify some questions all of the projects might want to ask our staff and students, and that soon turned into a lively and interesting discussions.I think it’s fair to say that we found plenty of connections between projects.

Overall, it was a great day and I look forward to the next JISC project meeting!

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