Evaluation – pedagogy and workload

JISC provided us with an evaluation workshop online a few weeks ago. It was an webinar and I really enjoyed the session and especially like the fact we could still break into smaller seminar groups virtually!

I found the workshop useful and it was great being able to explore a little more on how best to evaluate the area which I am less confident in doing – the impact of the innovations on workload. I have also been exploring the Cascade Project as suggested by Rachel and found their way in looking at the differences between administration handling time for assignment before and after the introduction of their online assessment handling system is definitely something we can adopt.

We will be meeting with our administrative staff in December and with their help, we are hoping to identify the changes in their workflow and workload before and after the introduction of assessment diaries and GradeMark.

I wonder what the workflow diagram of before and after would look like and what do our administrative staff think about the innovations. Exciting time ahead!

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2 Responses to Evaluation – pedagogy and workload

  1. RF says:

    Looking forward to seeing the workflows, this is something we are very interested in exploring. Have there been any issues raised about health and safety regarding onscreen marking? This is something which is concerning some of our colleagues and I’m interested in views from elsewhere.

    • amslau says:

      Yes health and safety has been mentioned by some of our colleagues as an issue for on screen marking. However, those staff that are already marking online argue that it is no different to any other work that you do onscreen and you take regular breaks like you do with any other work.

      We understand that marking onscreen might be an issue for some and we have said to our staff that they make their own decision on whether they would like to mark online. We are simply saying GradeMark is one of the tools that you can consider using. I know the Psychology department in Aston has changed all their PCs with bigger screens and faster machines in order to provide a better environment for staff to mark online.

      How widespread is onscreen marking in MMU?

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