Interviewing our staff

We have started interviewing our staff on their views on the assessment diaries and GradeMark. I have only spoken to 3 academic staff and 2 support staff so far. There is already some very interesting and useful comments. Today, we will be speaking to our administrative staff and see whether the two innovations have changed the management of assessment process for them. Looking forward to the interviews!

Credit:Graham Holliday on Flickr under Creative Commons

P.S. I have been recording (audio) my interviews with all the staff so far, everyone was happy for me to record the interviews, but one of the staff in particular were clearly very uncomfortable with the recorder being there. I have explained that the recordings were simply for me so I can make sure I don’t miss anything and it will be confidential, but we ended up switching the recorder off.

I wonder whether it will be even more difficult for me to do the video recording later in the project with staff and students. Maybe a staged recording after an informal chat having highlight the key points first is the answer?

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