Some interesting student comments

We’ve had a reasonable response from our questionnaires to students about their experiences of Assessment Diaries and GradeMark and thought we’d share some of the fndings received so far.

78% of students expected to be given assessment dates rather than to take responsibility for finding the dates themselves.  36% expected the dates to be given via email – something that would be unusual in our experience (would be good to know if assessment dates are communicated by email at other institutions).

38% of students expected to be given feedback before their next assessment but not necessarily within a specific timeframe – reinforcing a finding from a Change Academy project.

Interestingly, when asked how they would like to receive their feedback, students are equally divided into thirds between receiving feedback (a) electronically (b) handwritten (c) no specific preference.  This has real resonance with some of the tutor comments about their preferences for giving feedback.  Exploring these connections is proving very thought provoking.

From Alice and Karen having a good Friday in Wales 🙂

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