The Interim report

Karen and I have been working on the interim report lately. It’s amazing how fast time has passed and we are already 6 months into our project. The project is well under way and despite Karen an I both had to take some unexpected leave away from work during the last 6 months, we have ¬†managed to stay mostly on target!

Photo Credit:The Hamster Factor on under Creative Commons

We are really enjoying the new way of completing the interim report on the wiki. It definitely feels less daunting than the traditional 20 pages of word document!

We have been analysing the interview scripts with our staff and I am extremely pleased to see that despite some minor technical issues, most of the staff really buy-in to the underpinning idea of the use of the assessment diaries. In particular, one of the staff mentioned that the diaries has definitely “open up a clear line of communication” between her and her students. I wonder if the students feel the same? This will be interesting to find out when we carry out student focus groups in two weeks time!

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