Do staff really change their perception of GradeMark after our interview with them?

At our team meeting today, we had a little look back on the notes we made at our interviews. Karen made an interesting reflection about an interviewee where “you can almost see the changes in their thinking” about GradeMark during our interview with him.

Image Credit: Karola Riegler from under Creative Commons

This specific interviewee is currently a non-user of GradeMark. At the start of the interview, he was explaining to us why he is not using GradeMark and feel that he does not see how he can use it in his subject discipline. However, as the interview progress, this specific interviewee started to change his pre-conception of GradeMark. He said that maybe he can try it or maybe with a small group? He even started to give us examples of how he might be able to start using GradeMark.

Whether he will eventually go on to experiment with GradeMark, we will have to wait and see. Of course, we can all be cynical and say that this interviewee only said that at the interview to stop us asking him “why you are not using GradeMark”. However, I am going to see this as a positive thing and us this as an example about the importance of dialogue between colleagues.

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