Poster Session at the Experts Meeting on Tuesday 24th April

At the Learning Experts meeting on Tuesday, Sue Stocking and I had the opportunity to see posters from the other projects which was really helpful as we hadn’t been at the start-up meeting as our other team members, Alice Lau and Cath Jones, attended.  We really enjoyed the opportunity to share initial findings and were delighted at the level of interest and objective comments made by colleagues viewing the project poster.  It was good to share initial findings and to hear observations from those who have also tried GradeMark in their own institutions.

From Birmingham I then travelled to Wrexham for the Inaugural Graduates for our Future conference as part of the Welsh Enhancement Theme work, so its been a busy few days but very enjoyable!

Back at Glamorgan today, and Alice and I have had chance to catch up and plan the next phase of work – we are putting together some video clips from the various student focus groups and staff interviews.  So the project (and the rain) continue 🙂 



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