A visit from Dr. Cath Ellis from JISC ebeam project

We were very happy that Dr. Cath Ellis from the JISC ebeam project was able to come and speak to us on Wednesday(30th May) about electronic assessment. One of our colleagues had the foresight to invite Cath to do a seminar for us before I met Cath at the JISC first project meeting.

The title of Cath’s seminar is “Electronic Assessment Management: the benefits for students, staff and the institution”. Cath gave us a little background into the her experience with Electronic assessment at the University of Huddersfield and some key benefits that staff and students experienced.

Karen and I both felt that there are similarities in Cath’s findings to ours. After the seminar, Cath suggested that maybe we should consider exchanging data between our projects to provide an even wider picture of the use of GradeMark. It is definitely an exciting prospect!

Cath also talked about assessment analytic. The idea of using assessment information we already have in a way that will help lecturers to understands their students in ways that were not conceived before is definitely exciting. More importantly, the information should allow us to have more meaningful dialogue with students is a huge benefit.

All in all, it was a great seminar and I enjoyed it very much. I was a little disappointed that there were not a huge number of staff at the seminar as it is “marking” season. However, I am glad that we recorded the session and we will make it available to our staff who could not attend.

Thanks again Cath for coming to Wales and I hope you had a good time visiting the world-famous Grogg shop! 😉

For more information on the ebeam project please visit their blog.

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