Assessing Employability Skills? – A view from Hong Kong

I attended a seminar by Dr. Cecilia Chan from Centre for the enhancement of Teaching and Learning (cetl) the University of Hong Kong at Aston University yesterday (31 May).

The seminar was titled: “Curriculum Reform at the University of Hong Kong – Assessing Employability Skills”. Universities in Hong Kong are going through changes both in higher education and in secondary education,  known as the “334” (essentially, changes from 3 years University to 4 years) . Cecilia shared with us the strategies and changes University of Hong Kong has put in place in respond to this change.

Particularly interested to us from a project perspective is their introduction of assessment policy. While there is an emphasis on uses of diverse assessment methods and the need to assess employability skills, the policy I feel has a heavier emphasis on assessment of learning over assessment for learning. I understand that this has got to do with the Hong Kong, and especially University of Hong Kong context where they have a world leading reputation to maintain. I have no idea how changes can happen in such an research intensive context where staff are even less willing to engage with learning and teaching than perhaps some other institutions.

However, the cetl team did experience with technologies to promote the idea –

Cecilia told me that not every staff were very receptive of the videos, butI feel this is something worth thinking about. We often talked about technology enhanced learning (TEL), but how are we using technologies to promote TEL?


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